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Booking Confirmation

Thank you for reserving your Ackceptional Rental!

Check-in time is 4:00 p.m.  Check-out time is 11:00 a.m.   Unfortunately, we are rarely able to make exceptions.

Important notes:

You will receive the access code for your home shortly before check-in on the day of your stay.   Please read the payment guide below to avoid accidental cancelations.  Have a great stay in Nantucket!

Payment Guide

Stays with LESS than 90 days to check-in

  • You should have selected “pay in full” when booking.  No further payment is due.
  • Verify payment submitted using your email receipt.  If you did not pay in full,  click on the Payment Portal button below to pay the remaining amount.


Stays with MORE than 90 days to check-in

  • A deposit, 25% of the total fee, was automatically collected with your booking submission.
  • The remaining 75% is due 90 days before check-in.
  • Make note of payment due date.
  • Save your email receipt and the link below to submit your 90-day payment.


Use the button or link below to submit the remaining balance on your Nantucket rental (Millie or Lilly unit.)

Payment Portal Link: https://15dmeader.ackceptional.com/payment-page/

To learn more about Nantucket and things to do, visit: https://nantucket.net/activities/.   If you have immediate questions, or need to reach us for non-emergency information during your stay, please feel free to Contact us.

We look forward to ensuring that you have an Ackceptional time!

Who We Are

We are property owners who started Ackceptional after hearing Nantucket visitors say they wished they could find rental properties that weren’t “rustic”.  They wanted vacation rentals that felt like someone’s home, with beautiful furnishings and the amenities of the luxury hotels on the island.    We started with one property, which we fully renovated before listing, and the positive feedback was immediate. So we kept going…

Today we offer 11 different homes, from 1 bedroom cottages to 6 and 7 bedroom homes. And, we are proud to say, our renters consistently give our properties 5-star reviews.

View our listings, choose your home, and spend your vacation the way you have always dreamed.